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Phantom Rally Rules


Competition rules

  • Results only accepted within the calendar month that the special stage is running, starting from midnight on the 1st to midnight on the 30/31st.

  • Your fastest verified time will count as your final stage result.

  • Only GPX files recorded either using the app OR your own device, and emailed/Whatsapp'ed, will be accepted in the verification process.  NO Strava, NO Garmin Connect, nothing other than a GPX file (Why? we use the detailed GPX data in the verification process)

  • It must be the entrant who completes the stage and no substitutes or stunt doubles allowed. You must verify each attempt by including a photograph either before or after your attempt.  This can be sent together with your GPX file.

  • Your time and route will be verified by Wildrunner using ONLY a GPX file, any decisions made will be final.

  • Category prize money will be subject to the category minimum detailed here

Route access & safety

  • The special stage route is unmarked.  Use the rally book and GPX file to navigate each special stage.
  • These routes are not exclusive and other users should be expected.
  • The routes are outdoors and elemental risks apply.
  • Entry to the Phantom Rally is not a permit to access private or managed public property.
  • Please abide by local property rules and regulations, and any direction given to you by officials.
  • Should you get into trouble or feel threatened, call 10111.

Medals, prizes & prize money

  • Digital medals and certificates will be available once the special stage final results have been published.
  • Anyone who completes all 12 Phantom Rally Special Stages will receive a unique Dodecahedron medal puzzle.
  • There will be a lucky draw by the 5th of the month following the special stage.  All challengers with verified results will be placed in the lucky draw.  
  • There will be prize money awarded to category winners (subject to the minimum 5 rule)
  • Any runner found to be falsifying information to gain a competitive advantage (for example lying about age) will be disqualified.

Official results and objections

  • It is the responsibility of the runner taking part in any Phantom Rally special stage to follow the rally book and GPX and thus the full and correct route. Any runner going wrong must return to the course at the point where he/she went wrong before continuing, any alternative to this shall be deemed a shortcut and that runner faces the possibility of his/her route not being verified. 
  • Time and position results will only count for those runners having verified results.
  • Those runners with a formal complaint can do so in writing to the race director by email to info@wildrunner.co.za
  • Any runner found to be falsifying information to gain a competitive advantage (for example lying about age) will be disqualified.

Wilderness courtesy

  • Be polite to other trail users, and when passing please do not push other runners.
  • Wildrunner does not encourage the use of an iPod when taking part in any of our events. However, if you wear an iPod please set the volume to a level that you can still hear noises around you.
  • Stay on existing trails and do not take shortcuts.
  • Please leave only footprints and do not leave any litter.
  • If you need to go whilst out on the route, please do it 10 meters away from the path, dig a 15cm hole and bury your waste.
  • Don't be taking home any memorabilia from nature; it looks much better where it is!
  • To pass someone on a trail, ask.
  • Please if you can, leave the cigarettes at home while you race.