We are proud to announce a fundamental & positive change to the way we will be presenting the Phantom Rally in 2021.  From Special Stage 7 (March) onwards we will be hosting the entire navigation component on an internationally acclaimed mapping technology platform called Komoot.  Partnering with Komoot means we can make the whole stage presentation & admin process a lot easier for everyone -  to use, to follow and to share.  

Why Komoot?  Over the last four months of testing we have found Komoot to be accurate & reliable, easy to use, packed with features (including offline navigation) and compatible with most smart wearable devices (including Garmin, Suunto, Polar, Samsung and Apple).  So it turns out there is a reason it’s voted number one in the world!  And if you use Komoot on your mobile for navigation, we can pull your GPX file directly from Komoot to get your result.

So are you new to Komoot or are you already set up?


  • Most importantly DON’T create a Komoot profile just yet, wait for the Komoot invitation from Wildrunner that you will receive once you have entered the stage, as this will include a regional voucher worth €8.99. 
  • Firstly then you need to enter the Special Stage on www.trailseries.co.za and once you have entered we will email you a Wildrunner invitation to join Komoot.  
  • Click on the link in the invitation to set up your Komoot profile (you can do this on either a desktop or mobile device).  If you do this on a desktop, make sure you download the Komoot app onto your mobile and login.
  • Once you are logged in, click on your profile and either click on ‘Following’ or ‘Find friends’.  Search for Wildrunner and click ‘Follow’.
  • We will follow you back.  Now we are linked and ready to rumble! 


  • OK that’s great, then all you need to do is link up with Wildrunner. To do this, click on your profile and either click on ‘Following’ or ‘Find friends’.  Search for Wildrunner and click ‘Follow’.
  • We will follow you back.  Now we are linked and ready to rumble! 


OK so you are all set up on Komoot and ‘Following’ Wildrunner.  What now?

  • Once you have entered the stage on www.trailseries.co.za you will receive a notification (bell icon) to join the stage that looks like this:

  • When you click on the invitation it will open the ‘Tour’ and prompt you to accept.  This will store the ‘Tour’ on your profile ready for use. 

  • Once you have accepted the invitation, make sure you slide the slider ‘Stored offline’  - especially if you plan to use your mobile device to navigate, or are heading to sketchy signal areas like Cape Point.
  • If you scroll down a little and look under the ‘Waypoints’ tab you will see a link to ‘Get Directions’ to the start. 
  • Hit ‘Start Navigation’ when you are ready to go  - please keep to starting early and ending late for the most accurate tracklog!


Komoot integrates with most wearable devices which will enable you to navigate using your watch, check this link for details: Devices & Integrations – komoot


Of course with so many different mobile devices and personalised setups out there, there is always the potential for gremlins. So first check the extensive self-help resources available on Komoot and if you are still stuck please get in touch.