For 12 years the Cape Summer and Winter Trail Series® have been the foundation of short course trail running in the Cape, introducing thousands of people to this wonderful, healthy sport  - from kids as young as five to our most mature runner at an amazing 83 years of age.

Over the same 12 year period the sport of trail running has evolved and grown hand over fist both locally and internationally.  From the uber tough Mountain Challenges, to the internationally acclaimed Otter Trail Run; the 5 day 200km Namibia Crossing, Ultra Trail Cape Town and the more recent craze of 100 milers that have been launched, have all brought a wonderful depth and variety to our sport.

And as we approach 2020, we felt it’s time the Trail Series® evolved too.  So, it is with great pleasure that we introduce the Trail Series® Super League, or the TSSL for short.  So what’s changed? Well we have selected seven of the favorite venues from the original eight, spread them further apart and merged them into a single, annual, Super League Series.  But by far the most exciting change is the addition of an XL route to every race day. The XL distances are all in the region of 20km, perfect for those attracted to - and/or training for -  longer distance races.

We have also been busy pimping the routes, with five out of the seven venues having brand new route variations.  Many of the short courses have been brought down slightly in distance to be more suitable and attractive to the youngsters and beginners in our sport.  Where possible, the long courses have been tuned to fall in the 10-12km range, with a few classic exceptions like Kogelberg, which is just too good to be changed! 

Our 100% recyclable medals will now be on offer at every race, with a special commemorative medal for anyone finishing all seven races in the TSSL.  Thanks to the wonderful support from our venues, kids under the age of 10 still run free - as they have done since our 10th year anniversary in 2017.

To be competitive in the TSSL rankings you need to run all seven races in the same distance class - short, long or XL.  The total accumulative race time over all seven races is what ultimately creates your final TSSL placement. Miss a race and an uncomplimentary system-generated time will be allocated for that race and added to your accumulative time, bumping you down the rankings!  

So whether you run one race, as many as you can make, or all seven to complete the TSSL, at each race you will still find the same Wildrunner organisation you have become accustomed too, the same well marked routes and the same fun and friendly atmosphere that has become the hallmark of a Trail Series®.

Enter the TSSL up front and you will receive a sponsored TSSL running top courtesy of Boldgear, not to mention the convenience of only having to register once for all seven races, thus allowing you the luxury of simply rocking up in time to race.

Entries will open on Wed, 6th November at midday, but for now check out the schedule of races

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