Ready to rock your first Cape Winter Trial Series®? The best thing about winter kicks off on 21 July at the Paul Cluver Estate. You can choose between the short or the long course, and you’ll need to complete 3 of the 4, in the same distance category, to achieve the coveted CWTS medal.

The Trail Series® concept has always catered for beginner trail runners, whilst enjoying some hot racing at the sharp end. For those contemplating their very first, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist.

1. Training

You do not have to be a racing snake to participate in the series, but a reasonable level of fitness and running ability is recommended. Train on a combination of road and trail, throw in some grass laps for your speed work, and you’ll be ready to roll. Remember not to increase your mileage too rapidly. No more than a 10% increase in overall mileage per week.

2. Gear

It is super uncomplicated. Comfortable running kit, a belt or pocket for your phone (recommended for emergencies) and a pair of running shoes. Check the weather and wear a windproof or waterproof jacket if necessary, or a long sleeved running top. Carry a hand held bottle of water if you feel you need to hydrate on the route, as there are no water points, but we will rehydrate you when you finish.

3. Friends and Family

This is a series best shared. Car pool, compete, compare. Trail mates are the best mates. No dogs though, we do not allow the furry friends to come along. Kids are most welcome and there is always a jumping castle and area for them to run around. If they are 10 or under, they can run the events at no cost, provided they are registered prior. Email for more on that.

4. The Party

The start and finish area of each of the four events is a bit of a party. Hot coffee to kick off, food trucks when you finish. There is also a Trail Store for any last minute gear needs or upgrades, or just cool kit for your new found sport. So bring cash! And don’t rush off, there are great prizes through the lucky draw and every participant has a chance of winning.

5. Change of Kit

Come with a change of gear such as fresh shorts and a hoodie so that you can stick around and enjoy the atmosphere without getting chilly.

6. Keep Your Number

One number for the whole series, so hang on to it between races!

The only other important thing to remember is to bring a sense of adventure and fun along with you. The trails are fully marked, the venues are safe, and the Wildrunner team is committed to ensuring you leave with the best winter memories.

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