In a move that serves to concentrate their focus in other provinces, Wildrunner has announced the cancellation of the 2017 Spur KZN Trail Series®.

The KZN Trail Series® launched in October 2011, with 619 participants supporting the inaugural event. In 2016 Wildrunner partnered with KZN Trail Running to grow the Series® through increased participation. Unfortunately, the projected growth has not occurred, and so with great regret Wildrunner has had to cancel what has become an unsustainable Series®.

Wildrunner wishes to thank all those that have supported their events in KZN, and will be refunding in full all 2017 online entries that have come in to date.

Wildrunner founder and owner, Owen Middleton outlines future plans, “The Spur Trail Series® remains a popular and entirely sustainable concept in both the Cape, and Gauteng over winter and summer. The team will be working on a fresh look for the new season, with some exciting developments already underway. We sincerely hope to be able to return to KZN in the future.”


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