fbpx Phantom Rally HOW TO | Trail Series

How to be a Phantom...


Step by step instructions:

Step 1: ENTER

  • Enter online via the link on the special stage or direct on Quicket.  There will also be the option of purchasing cool Phantom Rally merch.


Step 3: RACE

  • Race the special stage as many times as you like within the month the special stage is running. 

  • During each attempt, track your race using Komoot, or your own device. Your time will start when you cross the start point and finish when you cross the same point. Time before and after will be excluded, so start the tracking on the app at least 1min before you start your attempt.

  • Snap a photo of yourself either before or after each attempt.

  • You are of course welcome to use any other GPS device in parallel to the app, but ONLY a GPX file will be used in the verification process. So if you cannot download and email/Whatsapp a GPX file (or don't know what this is...) then just use the app!

Step 4: VERIFY

  • If you use the Komoot app just let us know you have completed it and send us the GPX file downloaded from Komoot, and we will verify the attempt.

  • Alternatively, attach the GPX file recorded by any other of your devices and your selfie photo to an email and send to admin@wildrunner.co.za ONLY GPX files will be acceptable for verification.

  • Your start time will be calculated from the GPS timestamp at the point your track crosses the start point, and at the finish when you cross the finish point (close the loop). Time before and after will be excluded.

  • Your last current & verified result will reflect.  The best result from all your attempts will count as your final result and this will be the one listed on the final results.

  • For those of you on Discovery, we will submit your results to Discovery within 5 days of the end of the month.


  • Digital medals & certificates will be available once the final stage results have been published.

  • If you complete all 12 special stages you will receive this very cool Dodecahedron medal puzzle.

  • All entrants will be placed into a lucky draw.  The lucky draw will take place by the 5th of the month following the special stage. Lucky draw prizes will be sent directly to you.

  • Overall winners and category cash prizes will be awarded and paid by EFT by the 15th of the month following the special stage.


  • Results only accepted within the calendar month that the special stage is running, starting from midnight on the 1st to midnight on the 30/31st.

  • Your fastest verified time will count as your final stage result.

  • Only GPX files recorded either using Komoot OR your own device, and emailed/Whatsapp'ed, will be accepted in the verification process.  NO Strava, NO Garmin Connect, nothing other than a GPX file (Why? We use the detailed GPX data in the verification process). Note, you can download GPX files from Strava, Garmin Connect etc.

  • It must be the entrant who completes the stage and no substitutes or stunt doubles allowed. You must verify each attempt by including a photograph either before or after your attempt.  This can be sent together with your GPX file.

  • Your time and route will be verified by Wildrunner using ONLY a GPX file, any decisions made will be final.

  • Category prize money will be subject to the category minimum detailed here.