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What is the Phantom Rally?

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Virtual races are the new norm as a result of COVID-19, and probably will be for some time.  Unlike most of the plethora of general distance virtual races on offer, we want to get back to the core of competition which is a comparison of your time versus another over the same race course.  Introducing the Trail Series® Phantom Rally (TSPR).

One special stage per month

There will be one virtual race course per month (called a special stage).  Each special stage will have three distances on offer.  You will have the applicable calendar month to set your best time (run as many times as you can).  

You do not need a special GPS device or watch to race, just a smartphone.  You will need to download a very easy to use (free) app that you will then use to track each special stage attempt.  Detail of this will be emailed to every entrant. You can either follow the detailed rally book sent to you (printed or on your phone), or simply follow the route on the same app used to track your race.  

There will be 12 race courses over the entire TSPR and all within the greater Cape Town suburban area (we plan to roll this out in Gauteng as well, when possible). 

Monthly stage launch

The name & location of the following month's stage detail will be selected & announced on the 10th of the month preceding.  In other words, the July special stage will be announced on the 10th June.  Update: From Stage 7, the announcement will be made on the 25th of the month for the following Months stage.

The detailed special stage route information will be available on the 25th of each month giving you a few days to get prepared.  All entrants will be emailed the detailed rally notes, including the GPX file that you can save into the app you will use to follow and track your race.  


Once you have completed the rally stage, you need to email or Whatsapp us the GPX file from the app used (or your own device) used to track your attempt.  We will verify your route and use the GPX time stamps to confirm your race time. Last but not least, you will need to snap a pic of yourself (selfie) either before or after your attempt to verify it’s actually you... ONLY GPX files will be accepted, no Strava links, Garmin Connect links etc.  Update: From Stage 7 we will be using Komoot as the navigational platform, you can read more on this here


Your verified stage time will confirm your place on the leaderboard.  If you run more than once, only your best time will reflect. 

Monthly spot prizes

Once the rally stage closes, all entrants will be entered into a lucky draw with fantastic prizes on offer from our sponsors.

Overall & category cash prizes

There will be cash up for grabs in the categories winners, subject to the category minimums detailed here.  

Medals & rally collateral

Digital medals & certificates will be available on completion, verification AND conclusion of each special stage (i.e. from the 1st of the following month).  You will be able to download these using the link on the results.
There will be very special Dodecahedron medal puzzle for anyone completing all 12 of the rally special stages. 
We will have special Trail Series® Phantom Rally running tees, bluffs, face masks and other merchandise for optional purchase.

Detailed instructions?

For detailed 'how to' instructions click here