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adidas discount voucher for Spur Trail Series™ Runners

Any confirmed Spur Trail Series™ entrant with a 2015 Spur Trail Series™ race number (any colour number, only numbers received for the 2015 events) qualifies for 20% off adidas running footwear and apparel at any one of the adidas concept stores nationwide listed below!

You have to present your current race number with your voucher to qualify.  


So where is the voucher you ask?  Well click here to download it, then print it and go shopping!


What if your dog ate your number? or you lost your number or any number of other possible excuses for not having your number anymore?  Provided you HAD a number in the first place, download the voucher and go to an adidas concept store.  Then ask them to call 021 821 9898 to confirm you did indeed once upon a time have a number...


What if you have not received your number? If you have entered an up and coming race, then you need to wait to collect your number at the Trail Series registration desk prior to the event.

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