The first album of images from #HMC2017 has been loaded to our Mountain Challenge Series page on Facebook. Hop on over and relive a massive day! Thank you to @marksampsonct for capturing it all so beautifully
@bos_sport @raidlightza Can you sum up your #HMC2017 in one word? Oliver Kopp gave us a few 😆
@bos_sport @raidlightza Female winner of the long course of the #spurpetrailseries 
@spursports @spursteakranches @raidlightza @steenberg_farm Male long course winner of the #spurpetrailseries 
@spursports @spursteakranches @steenberg_farm @raidlightza Short course winner of #spurpetrailseries 
@spursports @spursteakranches @raidlightza @steenberg_farm And they're off!! Race 4 of the #SpurPETrailSeries us underway 
@spursteakranches #raidlightza @steenberg_farm Star of the 24km women's field today, the highly accomplished multi-sporter @carla.vh1 .
#GoAboveAndBeyond The winner of our 24km is Robert Rorich. We're reporting on all 3 #HMC races via Twitter this morning 
@bos_sport @raidlightza Fantastic morning for the last race of the #SpurPETrailSeries! Late entries still available 
@spursteakranches @raidlightza @steenberg_farm The 15km crew is out on the course. We'll share leader info on Twitter shortly
@bos_sport @raidlightza The 15km runners are lining up. A tough but beautiful race lies ahead. Record to the top is 45min. Will it fall today? #GoAboveAndBeyond #HMC2017 @bos_sport @raidlightza One of the many views awaiting our #HMC2017 runners 📸 @marksampsonct
@bos_sport @raidlightza


2007 Nov   Wildrunner is born


2008 Jan   Wildrunner launches the unique short course Trail Series® with the Cape Summer Trail Series®

2008 Jun   The first Gauteng Winter Trail Series® race takes place at Groenkloof Nature Reserve in Pretoria - 136 runners attend!

2008 Jul    The first Cape Winter Trail Series® race takes place at Paarl Mountain Reserve

2008 Dec   1,427 runners take part in Wildrunner events in 2008


2009 Sep   80 runners take part in the first Wildcoast Wildrun® 

2009 Nov   The Wildcoast Wildrun® 2009 flights on SuperSport for the first time

2009 Dec   Wildrunner sees growth of 196% from 2008 to 2009


2010 Jan   The 2010 Wildcoast Wildrun® sells out in under 30 minutes

2010 Oct   104 runners take part in the first Helderberg Mountain Challenge

2010 Nov   A second departure is added to the Wildcoast Wildrun® 2011

2010 Nov   Lesotho Wildrun® 2011 is launched, the big mountain cousin of the Wildcoast Wildrun®

2010 Dec   8,522 runners take part in Wildrunner events compared to 1427 in 2008


2011 Jan    165 Wildcoast Wildrun® entries sell out in under 20 minutes

2011 May   569 runners take part in the second Helderberg Mountain Challenge

2011 Mar   Just 27 runners take part in the inaugural Lesotho Wildrun®

2011 Aug   736 runners take part in the first Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge in very tough conditions

2011 Oct    619 runners take part in the first KZN Trail Series®, making the Trail Series® the first national short course trail running event of its kind in Africa

2011 Dec    12,360 runners take part in Wildrunner events during 2011


2012 Jan    The Wildcoast Wildrun® 2012 sells out in under 15 minutes

2012 May   1,016 runners complete the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge in perfect conditions

2012 Jun    Wildrunner hires its first additional team member, content manager Claire Davidson, working alongside Owen and Tam Middleton (then Jupp)

2012 Aug   Wildrunner celebrates its 100th event at race 4 in the Cape Winter Trail Series® in Kleinmond


2013 Jan   The Wildcoast Wildrun® sells out in under 10 minutes

2013 Feb   The Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge Extreme is extended to 35km and is announced as the first ever SA Long distance Trail Running Championships

2013 Feb   The 36km Silvermine Mountain XL is run for the first time

2013 Mar   The Cape Summer Trail Series® has 3969 runners attend the Series - a new record

2013 Apr   The GLB46 Ultra is announced and becomes the last PUFFER qualifyer 

2013 Jul    The Marloth Mountain Challenge 2013 is announced but is postponed to 2014 due to unfortunate circumstances

2013 Jul    Spur Steak Ranches is announced as Wildrunner's first ever event title sponsor and the Trail Series® becomes the Spur Trail Series®

2013 Aug  The sixth Spur Cape Winter Trail Series® sells out every event for the first time!

2013 Oct   The Spur Trail Series® flights on SuperSport for the first time.

2013 Nov   The Richtersveld Wildrun®, the desert leg of the Wildrun® brand is launched 

2014 Jun   57 Runners take on the inaugural Richtersveld Wildrun®

2014 Jun   The Spur Gauteng Winter Trail Series® sells out every event for the first time

2014 Jul     The Spur Cape Winter Trail Series® keeps growing with each race being over-subscribed

2014 Sep   Wildrunner organises the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon Peace Trail Runs - a trail run with one of the highest prize purses in South Africa.

2014 Sep   The inaugural Marloth Mountain Challenge takes place in Swellendam in tough conditions. 34 solo runners and 23 teams complete the 55km run. This also marks the completion of the first Mountain Challenge Series.

2015 Sep   Wildrunner launches the first transfrontier Wildrun®: The Richtersveld Transfrontier Wildrun® to take place in June 2016.
2016 Jan   Massive wild fires tear into Lebanon Forest and Wildrunner is forced to cancel it's first event ever (and whtat would have been the 200th!)
2016 Jan   Wildrunner reaches the 200 event mark at race 3 in the Spur Cape Summer Trail Series®.
2016 May  Wildrunner pioneers it's second Transfrontier experience, with 37 intrepid runners exploring the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area on the inagural 'trial' and media Mapungubwe Transfrontier Wildrun®.
2016 Jun   Richtersveld Transfrontier Wildrun® takes place and is won outright by Joanna Williams!
2016 Jul   The Spur PE Trail Series® launches for the first time in the Eastern Cape, with a four race series at four stunning venues in Port Elizabeth.
2016 Jul   Wildrunner becomes part of the Elemental Outdoor Sports (PTY) Ltd company.
2016 Oct   Wildrunner partners with KZN Trail Running to localise the Spur KZN Trail Series® operations and to spread the reach.
2016 Nov   Wildrunner announces R50,000 prize money for breaking the overall Wildcoast Wildrun® record.
2016 Dec   The French trail running specialists, Raidlight, come on board as a specialist gear sponsor to all Wildrunner events through Raidlight South Africa.
2017 Jan   Wildrunner turns 10 years old, and right where it all started - at the Cape Summer Trail Series®.  To celebrate, Wildrunner announces that all trail kids 10 years and under will run for free at any Spur Trail Series® in 2017.
2017 Feb   Wildrunner announces cup-less operations at all it's aid stations.
2017 May   The first capacity Mapungubwe Transfrontier Wildrun® takes place and this one of a kind safari-on-the-run™ experience does not dissapoint, with over 100 elephants on day one alone!